Email Management Suite

Email down or lost?  Important messages buried in spam?  Not on our watch.

Almost nothing makes employees overwhelm the help desk faster than when their email doesn’t work, and frustrating customers by having a message bounce back as “undeliverable” slows down the pace of your business.  When email goes down, much of business communication stops.  People get anxious and irritated.

Can you blame them? Their dependence (and yours) on email is nearly overwhelming, so it’s extremely important to do more to ensure efficient, reliable, consistent email service with greater recovery capabilities, better interference protection and spam filtering, better monitoring and management, more archiving capacity, and total preparedness in case of a disastrous event.

EnC-EMS is designed to provide total security for your vital electronic communications. We provide an expansive suite of services that provide you with optimal system performance, minimal risks, and help you, your employees, and your business succeed.

Whether you’re handling communications for one location, or for a worldwide network, EnC-EMS will provide you with maximum accessibility, 24/7 expert service, and a full range of services to support any messaging systems needs you may have.

Your advantage: enhanced performance and security with reduced risks and costs.

Here’s what EnC-EMS delivers:

  • Improved communication efficiency and reliability. Expert staff to deliver worry-free, peak performance all the time.
  • Lowered vulnerability and security risks. We provide a safer, more reliable atmosphere for employees and customers with the best security protocols available to protect against viruses and attacks.
  • Reduced demand on internal resources. Allows your staff to refocus on growing your company and improving sales.
  • Global Network and Expertise. EnC-EMS comprehensive IT framework is supported by the industry’s most experienced IT specialists.

How EnC-EMS Communication Services Work

Exchange Services: EnC-EMS Exchange Services provide anticipatory administration, management, monitoring, reporting, and support for Microsoft® Exchange environments. The service can be delivered remotely to your office. We provide customers with a reliable platform of Microsoft® Exchange, comprehensive security for incoming and outgoing mail messages and various options for mailbox size. It is a complete 24/7 solution that helps you meet security, reliability and compliance requirements.

Email Service: No matter what may happen to your facilities, servers, or network connectivity, EnC-EMS Email Service helps guarantee that your email will always be up and running.  Email Service is a high-dependability service that provides an on-demand, easy-to-control buffer that ensures uninterrupted communication between customers, vendors and staff.

Managed Library Service: EnC-EMS Managed Library Service provides offsite email storage, based on your company’s archive policies. We archive emails in compliance with regulatory requirements, and expedite access to email, helping companies ensure uninterrupted service and recovery while improving the performance of production. We deliver full blackout protection, with an archive that’s always available, even when company email is down.  

Email Assurance Service: EnC-EMS Email Assurance Service protects your email system with automated filter updates, user administration and directory synchronization to maximize performance and minimize administration requirements. The EnC-EMS Email Assurance Service inspects 300,000+ email attributes. Our intelligent integration lets us block false addresses at the outskirts. A daily quarantine log gives you the ability to view quarantined emails.

Prime Notification Service: EnC-EMS Prime Notification Service is one of the most powerful catastrophe management and communication tools available today. Unlike manual call-trees, Prime Notification Service provides your company’s senior management with the ability to handle important staff communication during an IT outage or physical disaster—when traditional lines of communication may fail. It may also be useful for sending out important company-wide announcements or for managing calling lists.  By employing designated email, voice communication, text messaging and paging resources, BlackBerry® devices, Droid, iPhone, iPad and other communication channels, Prime Notification Service provides a quick and automated method to find people, deliver messages, and gather information in real time.

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