Kansas City Offsite Data Backup & Recovery Solutions

EnC-SecureBackup is Kansas City’s premier out-of-the-box solution to address the multiple requirements of offsite backup, disaster recovery and business continuity needs of small and medium size business environments at an affordable price.

EnC-SecureBackup solutions include:

1. Disk-based BDR device to be deployed onsite at your location.

2. Built-in virtualization software that provides a Standby Server if a server fails.

3. Features that enable recovering a single email, mailbox, file OR database.

4. Redundant datacenters replicate data offsite coupled with services to recover data in case of site failure.

5. 24×7 monitoring and maintenance of the EnC-SecureBackup device through our Network Operations Center (NOC) on select models with various service plans.

6. Comprehensive 3 year warranty standard with each EnC-SecureBackup unit.

What you get:

EnC-SecureBackup models that have:

* Storage capacity between 1 to 4 TB

* RAID options

* Server backup licenses

* Mailbox backup licenses

* Bundled storage options

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