24 | 7 | 365 Network | Server Monitoring

Our Managed Service Provider (MSP) solution provides critical systems availability and utilization monitoring service for your devices. This is a complete and secure network management solution for your business that will save you time and money. Our network engineers use best-of-breed enterprise network management software.


It’s alive! This is the most fundamental, yet critical function of system monitoring. Sciodata’s Network Operations Center (NOC) will check the availability of your monitored devices every few minutes. If a device becomes unavailable for a predetermined amount of time, an alarm will be generated, alerting our system engineers to respond to the problem. We’ll keep a finger on the pulse of your systems.


Hackers beware. We will scan your systems for services and processes that should NOT be present, such as TELNET or a password-cracker program. If a rogue process is detected, our engineers will receive a notification and attempt to kill it. As always, you will be quickly notified of the activity. This can be an invaluable service to help prevent “unauthorized” use of your computing resources.


Our NOC will monitor your devices’ critical components for over-utilization (or underutilization). As their usage approaches predetermined thresholds, alerts will notify our engineers who will attempt to remedy the situation. (See the other service levels for trend reporting and analysis, which can aid your IT staff with capacity planning and budgeting).


In addition to normal company traffic, unruly applications, NIC faults, and users’ unauthorized activity can sometimes be the cause of bandwidth “hogging”. We’ll monitor you network devices to ensure you don’t exceed bandwidth thresholds that can affect your network’s performance, and user’s frustration levels. By trapping these situations, EnC can help identify the problem’s source and take corrective action.


One of the status reports EnC will deliver is the availability history of your monitored devices. This will show in detail the previous period’s record of our device availability service. The reachability report indicates how often a device was actually able to be polled for availability. For example, a router in front of a server may go down, rendering the server unreachable. This type of report can be very useful for isolating problem areas within your network.


Corresponding to our CPU/Disk/Network utilization monitoring services, these reports give you a usage status history of your critical devices. By evaluating this information, your IT staff can better identify problem situations and modify usage policies or certain applications to make better use of your resources. Latency measures how quickly your network system responds to requests, and can be a critical indicator of service level for technology end-users. This is calculated from the average time it takes for a device to respond to a PING from our facility.


An “anomaly” is an availability or usage situation that exceeds preset thresholds, but not often or long enough to notify Sciodata’s engineers. For example, certain servers may “peg” their CPU utilization for very short periods of time, not yet significantly affecting performance or users’ perceptions. However, it is important to identify these situations as a possible precursor to future performance problems. 

Whenan exception occurs, our system engineers login to your network to determine the source of the problem. We will take corrective action, as defined in our service agreement. If we can not rectify the problem, we will notify your staff, vendors, or service providers, as outlined in your CEP. Any time an exception alert is authenticated, you will be sent an exception report with details of the situation.

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