Success Stories

Muller Bressler Brown partnered with EnC IT as our Trusted Advisors. Setting up systems that work and handling technology support requests from our staff. EnC IT has increased my productivity by 25%, allowing me to focus on our client’s needs rather than trying to manage our technology. With EnC IT we get advice from people who talk to us not down at us. Clear explanations and recommendations allow us to make quick decisions on how to use technology to increase our bottom line.

Chad Milam Director of Interactive Media

CharTec is excited to have EnC IT as a partner in 2010. We have hand selected EnC IT for their ability to properly deliver Managed Services in the channel. EnC IT understands the CharTec vision of providing a “Beyond HaaS” experience for their clients. EnC IT realizes that thier Managed Service offering is going to be totally unique.

CharTec Solution

Congratulations to you and your EnC IT colleagues in constructing an all inclusive computer company. Your innovative ideas are exciting — you bring the expertise of your trade and a longstanding commitment to efficient problem-solving to your new company.

Since I personally know of your dedication to your clients and their needs, I am sure EnC IT will succeed for many reasons — one reason that stands out is your modern approach to a guaranteed monthly fixed fee. All companies want to realize a profit center for their business instead of a cost center. What a comfortable feeling for your customers that you and EnC IT will manage the clients’ networks while the client manages their business.

Edie Moore, FSAM
Executive Director
Society for Adolescent Medicine

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